Kindness: This is not the biggest blind item in the world but I put it in this time slot because I think it shows you what you can do with not a very large budget and when you just make the effort to try and do something. This B list foreign born actor who has just taken off over the past couple of years and has always focused on movies here until now is most beloved by me for a foreign television show he was on. While he was filming his show last season he and the show’s creator who is also a genius found that they had a ton of stuff left everyday from the craft service table. They started shipping the extra stuff to homeless shelters around town and food banks and then got the bright idea that they could use the budget of the show and order even more food everyday saying what they had was not enough. Soon their budget for food was enough for a group of people five times their size and not only did they manage to send thousands of dollars of food everyday to homeless shelters but also fed any homeless people who happened by the set.

Chris O’Dowd “The IT Crowd”/Christopher Guest “Family Tree”


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