Gather around, kids, because we have the juice on a celebrity couple that had a fight TODAY!

He is a musician.

She is from a musical family, but is better known as a reality star.

Actually, they are both from musical families.

We’ve told you before that their marriage is rocky.

They were in an amusement park gift shop with their children.

She was annoyed that he was on his phone.

He was texting.

She snapped at him and said “Can you just not text her?

Tell her to give it up!

I WILL NOT sign those papers!


She reached out to grab his hand (or his phone?) and he pushed her away and put it in his pocket.

He was p*ssed.

He shook his head and walked away.

She walked over to one of the kids and asked them if they were hungry.

He walked over to another kid who was looking at stuffed animals.

It’s like they both just went into parenting mode and ignored each other.

He was completely miserable.

Actually, they were both completely miserable.

Fighting about another woman and signing papers?

It’s little things like this that make this couple so interesting to us!

Nicole Richie
Joel Madden


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