This Real Housewife has been up for some pretty meaty acting gigs, despite her reputation being less than stellar as far as keeping her shit together and actually being able to work. She wants to work, and should work, but her family keeps on sabotaging her along the way. For whatever reason, they do not want her financially independent ever again. Another Real Housewife, from a different franchise, heard from a mutual friend what was happening to her, and quietly intervened. She called the Housewife, and told her that another agent wanted a lunch meeting with her. Well, the other Real Housewife forgot to tell her to keep it a secret, because instead of the other Housewife showing up for the meeting, her brother in law was there…irate that any business matters were being discussed without him. At that point he said rather loudly that if he had to call every agent in the country, to warn them about booking his sister in law, he would. Everything goes through him and him alone. The Real Housewife that tried to help, later called the other Real Housewife to tell her what happened, but the calls were never answered or returned. She also received a legal letter from the brother in law that was copied to the network that she should not contact her again.

Real Housewife: Kim Richards
Helpful Real Housewife:
Brother-in-law: Mauricio Umansky


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