I don’t know where this actor from a very very wealthy family keeps the s.e.x. tapes every oppo researcher wants, but apparently the actor had to install a separate server in his compound that is not attached to the internet, because the estate kept getting hacked.

Because everything from sprinklers to alarms and lights went through the old system, it was as if he had ghosts/spirits living there full time with all the things that would go on and off or not work.

Balthazar Getty

Gavin Newsom

EXCLUSIVE: How Gavin Newsom went from Getty dynasty darling and rising star of the Democratic party alongside ex-wife-turned Trump advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle to scandal-ridden governor facing recall

California Governor Gavin Newsom has seen his approval rating dive over the state’s oppressive COVID restrictions and a bumpy vaccine roll-out

More than a third of the state’s voters said they would oust Newsom at the ballot box if the recall qualifies, a survey by UC Berkeley found last week

Newsom, once widely tipped for future White House run, is facing criticism from within his own party as GOP-led campaign to recall him steams to a conclusion

Newsom ran for governor three years ago, with members of the sprawling Getty family donating more than $500,000 to his successful campaign

When one of J. Paul Getty’s grandsons was kidnapped, it was Gavin Newsom’s father, the Getty’s lawyer, who delivered the ransom money

Ann and Gordon Getty served as Newsom’s unofficially adoptive parents, and had helped finance his meteoric rise in politics

Prior to running for public office, Newsom had also ran a wine shop and restaurant business with Billy Getty

His goddaughter, Natalia ‘Nats’ Gettys, an influencer and lesbian model, recently announced on social media that she’s started her ‘physical transition’ – Source

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