The Coverup

Back in the day there was a murder.

It involved an actor who was probably B+ list at the time, but everyone knew him.

Solid character actor.

Everyone knew he did it, but kept giving him work.

Not as much, but enough to keep him going.

The actor ended up killing himself right before the police were going to arrest him again after new evidence was given to them.

What was the new evidence?

A witness to the murder. One who had stayed silent for several years about the murder because the person thought they would be charged too.

For years after the murder, the witness had huge drinking and drug issues because of it.

The stress was killing them so they finally went to the police.

How had this person been a witness?

She had been there the night of the killing having sex with the actor.

Who is the witness?

A B+ list actress who was more famous then, but all of you know.

All of you.

Murderer: Robert Pastorelli

Victim: Charemon Jonovich

B+ list actress: Natasha Lyonne


Pastorelli suspected of killing live-in – 2005

HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 8 (UPI) — Actor Robert Pastorelli knew police suspected he killed his girlfriend at their Los Angeles home in 1999, Inside Edition reports Tuesday.

Pastorelli, best known as the quirky painter on TV’s “Murphy Brown,” was on the verge of being charged with murder in the death of Charemon Jonovich when he died of a heroin overdose in March 2004. He was 49.

Police first thought the March 15, 1999, shooting death of Jonovich was a suicide, but they developed new evidence in the case and last year switched the cause of death to murder.

Pastorelli had told police he and Jonovich, 25, were arguing when she pointed the gun at herself and pulled the trigger, not knowing it was loaded. Friends said Pastorelli was so badly shaken, he put his career on hold and spent nearly a year in seclusion, interacting only with the daughter he had with Jonovich. – Source

Actor Robert Pastorelli found dead in home – 2004

Robert Pastorelli, who played the screwball housepainter Eldin on “Murphy Brown,” was found dead in his Hollywood Hills home in what the coroner’s office said may have been a drug overdose. He was 49.

Coroner’s office Lt. Ed Winter said Pastorelli’s body was found by his assistant Monday in a bathroom. An autopsy was planned.

“It’s a possible accidental death,” Winter said, adding, “There was drug paraphernalia found.” – Source

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