This Hollywood trade magazine has always been pro disgraced director.

Now, they are letting the actor from the director’s most recent movie to totally change the story he has been saying for months.

Just randomly now when people are voting for Oscars he is trying to be sympathetic and then even gave some crap story which is trying to make him look like a victim of the director without giving any specifics. Umm, no.

Also, everyone in the cast and crew knew why the director was being fired.

It was all anyone was talking about on set which is why the director was in hiding and not showing up to work.

So the actor is lying about that too.

The Hollywood Reporter

Rami Malek – Bohemian Rhapsody

Bryan Singer

Rami Malek Opens Up on Bryan Singer: “My Situation Was Not Pleasant”

“Everyone deserves a voice and anyone who wants to talk about what happened with Bryan deserves to have their voice heard,” Malek said during a conversation at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Rami Malek is speaking out about the allegations of sexual abuse that have come out in recent weeks against Bryan Singer, who directed him in his Oscar-nominated performance for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Malek, who was honored Friday at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival for his turn as Freddie Mercury, was asked by The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg, who moderated the discussion, about the claims. In an exposé published by The Atlantic last week, Singer was accused by four men of having sex with them while they were underage.

“My heart goes out to anyone who has to live through anything like what I’ve heard and what is out there,” Malek told the audience at Santa Barbara’s Arlington Theatre. “It’s awful, it’s remarkable that this happens, I can appreciate so much what they’ve been through and how difficult this must be for them. In the light of the #MeToo era that this somehow seems to exist after that, it’s a horrible thing.” – Source

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