This is about a young male singer and the discussion he had with a girl he thought he might marry… and the girl’s mother.

The Singer and The Daughter – who is also a celebrity – had been dating for a while, and the three of them began discussing where the relationship was going.

They had a conversation about the couple’s future and children.

They discussed how many children they would have, their names, etc.

Then the topic changed to what religion their children would follow.

The Mother knew The Singer was from a mixed religious background.

She had always made sure that her kids had big holiday celebrations.

For example, Christmas was a huge deal in their household, with a large tree and presents and Santa Claus.

She wanted to know if those traditions would continue if the couple married.

The Singer said “No.”

A discussion – and then an argument – ensued about religion and culture and traditions.

[The Daughter] tried to intervene, telling [The Singer] that her mother was simply caught off-guard and that she just wanted her family’s traditions to continue.

[The Singer] said that the mother was very happy to use him for his celebrity, but that when it came down to real issues – like marriage and grandchildren – she would never really accept him and his religion.

It soon devolved into name-calling, with The Mother and The Singer each accusing the other of being insensitive and a bigot, and The Daughter unable to bring them together.

Everybody walked away from the conversation either angry or crying.

So, if you ever wondered whether religion was an issue for this young couple… the answer is a definite “Yes”!

Singer: Zayn Malik
Gigi Hadid
Mother: Yolanda Foster


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