Hey, at least Halle Berry can act.

I will give her that.

She might always throw her exes under the bus and never take any blame for any of her blown up relationships, but she does have talent.

Her UK counterpart?

Not so much.

Her UK counterpart is definitely A list over there.

Over here? People know her, but unless you read gossip sites, you probably don’t run into her name all that often.

Even tabloids don’t really bother with her except for a few brief headlines.

All of her relationships end badly.

All of her relationships end because of the guys. At least that is her version of events.

She has tons of fans who rally to her side whenever anyone brings up any competing point of view.

Drug use?

Not true says her fans.

Did she contribute to any of her high profile breakups?

Not according to her or her fans who say she has always been wronged.

She plays the Halle Berry woe is me to a tee.

Now that her latest relationship is about to crumble, look for her to start pointing the figure at her significant other.

All of the issues that have been raised she will blame on the struggles of trying to work and manage a relationship.

They are the same issues she has always had, but the drugs and the eating disorder and everything else will somehow be blamed on the significant other.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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