This former teen heartthrob, turned host hovering slightly above c-list, made a complete creepy ass of himself when he hosted a pretty important event this weekend.

This event featured acts of all ages, and one of them was a local high school dance team.

The celebrity obviously didn’t know these were high school girls, or maybe he did because he’s a creep, and kept hitting on one girl in particular, making her uncomfortable.

The coach went over to the stage manager and asked for something to be done about it, but nothing was done by the production team.

The team was invited to attend a large after party with the host, and at this party, the dancer’s father went up to the host and let him know that if he chose to make his 16 year old daughter any more uncomfortable, they could have a chat about it outside.

Embarrassed, the host left the party and didn’t return.

Mario Lopez


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