It looks as if this EGOT winner is getting some karma after the elder abuse she inflicted for years on a pseudo relative.

Liza Minnelli

Lee Anderson Minnelli (stepmother)

Liza Minnelli’s stepmother claims ‘elder abuse’

Liza Minnelli has become embroiled in an unseemly dispute with her 94-year-old stepmother, who claims the star is attempting to boot her out of her Beverly Hills home. Lee Anderson Minnelli filed papers this week in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging elder abuse and breach of contract.

The nonagenarian says Minnelli has made it almost impossible to live in her home by cutting off the electricity and sacking the gardener and pool cleaner.

Referring to her stepdaughter’s recent wedding in New York, Lee Minnelli said: “While defendant is honeymooning all over the world, having fed 850 of her closest friends a 12-foot cake, plaintiff is alone in a cold, dark house, at age 94.” However in an interview in today’s edition of Variety, Liza Minnelli – the natural daughter of Judy Garland – strikes back, saying: “My father left me the house (he died in 1986), saying, ‘It is my wish if you sell the house that you move her (Lee) to a residence.’

“I finally got a nice offer to sell it and offered her a $450,000 (£321,000) condo, tax-free. She won’t move. I’ve been supporting her forever. I did exactly what my father asked me to do. And now we can’t go into escrow [proceed with the house sale] because she won’t move. I am willing to give her a happy life.”

Lee Minnelli claims that her late husband, the director Vincente Minnelli, specified in his will that she should be guaranteed a home until her death. She cites that legal moves by Minnelli to evict her are inconsistent with that instruction. – Source

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