This sad excuse for a ‘music man’ is far from being in sync with Rhythm and Blues — Just ask Raphael Saadiq — yet dude is gassed up to the point where he actually believes he’s worthy of wearing the King of R&B crown! That’s because this blue-eyed bandit is no stranger to his ‘Great White Hope’ industry title. Know why? Because not only did he boldly straight jack the essence of one Toni, he’s reported to be taking his blatant imitations to the next level. Insiders say that’s why our blind item’s “20/20 Experience” album is rigged to land him that royal title. Sources say one former Real Husbands of Hollywood cast member — who straight jacked Marvin Gaye — is said to have fueled our Mickey Mouse Club mystery man’s plot to launch a full blown take-over. How else do you think the songbird’s wings were clipped, landing him in the Thicke of things? Just ask our blind item’s BFF, Jay Z. The reason? Dude’s said to be fed up with walking a set of Blurred Lines. He’s a girlyman who refuses to share the spotlight, forcing that Blurred Lines-Boy’s bad business into public focus. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pharrell Williams.

Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke (Marvin Gaye lawsuit)


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