Lots of magazines and entertainment shows covered the announcement a while back about this TV actress signing with a major music label for her debut album.

How exciting for her and the fans of her show!

The first single dropped months ago, but if you are waiting for the album to be released, you’ll be waiting a long time, because the label has kicked the singer to the curb!

The single was a dud, the record company thinks she’s a non-starter, and they don’t like her changing image.

So, they will not be putting up the money to release and promote the album.

The company wanted her to be the one to make the announcement that their music partnership was over… but she has been giving them a song and dance for months about why she can’t make the announcement now.

So, it’s a standoff. No album, no announcement, and she gets to pretend that she is still a recording artist signed to a major label.

Doesn’t she know anyone else in the music industry?

Lucy Hale
Naya Rivera

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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