There are not that many guys who would do what this man did but he has stuck it out so hopefully good things will happen to him.

He is married. His wife is an entertainer.

She used to be almost A list. Foreign born.

Can be a bit controversial at times.

She has been in this space before for her drug use.

Oh, and her drinking problem.

She has had some issues in the past and had gone a long way in getting on the right track.

All that has gone out the window now but that is not what this blind is about.

It turns out that even though she was dating her husband she was also having sex with another guy. Maybe two other guys although if he was around it was probably just a weekend thing.

Anyway, our entertainer found herself in the family way.

Her now husband was convinced it was his child.

After the child was born there were some questions but he was patient and decided to wait to see how the child looked as the child aged.

Yeah, things were pretty obvious at one point so he confronted his wife who agreed it might be the child of someone else.

A DNA test was performed and it is not the husband’s child but he did adopt the child with the blessing of the real dad who was grateful because he was married when he got the entertainer pregnant.

He subsequently has ended his marriage because of other infidelities.


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