This C-list celebrity with A-list tabloid name recognition, has been having popularity issues.

She was given a huge deal on a network series because of a desperate favor called in by this A-list mostly movie actor the celebrity in question had an underage relationship with a couple of decades ago, and threatened to go public with the gory details.

Now that the contract is signed, the diva demands have begun, and she is a complete nightmare while this gig is in the planning stages.

She wants this, she wants that, she wants guest spots for her friends and family to promote them, and she’s acting like the star of the show, when really she’s just a cast member like everyone else.

The network asked all of the cast to work with an image expert while the show is being developed, and she walked out of the first meeting. No one tells her what to do.

She immediately got on the phone and told the A-lister he needed to do whatever it took to get them off her back, and what she wanted on the show or else she’s spilling the tea and his wife and kids will not like it.

Not Brandi Glanville.

C-list celebrity: Katharine McPhee
A-list actor:
Show: “Scorpion”


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