This former Svengali type who has destructed more than one career and was huge in the tabloids a decade ago is trying to act as a manager again. Right now he is leaking stories to the trades about that popular streaming show about to enter a new season.

Contracts are being renegotiated and the wannabe manager is throwing out numbers of a salary for his roommate/talent as star level while throwing everyone else in the cast under the bus.

Sam Lutfi

Ross Butler

13 Reasons Why

Dylan Minnette

Ross Butler From ’13 Reasons Why’ Is Reportedly Being Sued For The Wildest Reason

The 13 Reason’s Why star has been named in a lawsuit filed by Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband.

In the weirdest news of 2018 so far, 13 Reasons Why’s Ross Butler is reportedly being sued alongside Courtney Love for the wildest reason imaginable.

According to TMZ, Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband Isaiah Silva is suing Courtney Love, claiming she conspired with several other people to break into his home and murder him with the intent of stealing one of the former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s iconic guitars.

Silva claims that Lutfi along with two other men robbed, assaulted, kidnapped and attempted to murder him at his West Hollywood Home. According to Silva, Lutfi was providing Courtney and Frances with illegal drugs including “illicit benzodiazepines,” and Butler “acted as a courier for illicit drugs supplied to Love and her daughter” but couldn’t be questioned by police “because he fled to Canada.” – Source

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