A movie being delayed because it stinks is not that uncommon.

This particular movie has been delayed a few times and the awfulness is because of the constant walkouts and missing people on the set.

The movie didn’t take that long to shoot and it seems like everyone had sex with each other and got angry at each other which caused some horrible acting performances and people getting upset and taking a day off and in one case a husband showed up on the set with a gun looking for the married former A list mostly television actor who had been having sex with his this close to permanent B list mostly movie actress wife.

Yeah, he was upset.

Oh, there is the former almost A list mostly movie actress who is convinced she can turn a man straight.

She is willing to try even harder when the man is good looking and used to be married.

The actor who divides his time between movies and a really popular television show though hated it and felt like he was being harassed and missed about ten percent of the shooting days just to avoid the actress.

If she wants to give me a call, I am available.

The male lead of the movie had his own issues because he was being followed all the time by four or five guys who kept telling the actor they were going to kill him because they rightfully suspected he was having sex with their boss’ girlfriend while they were on set.

All the time.

Married former A list television actor:
B list mostly movie actress:
A list movie actress:
Gay actor:
Male lead:
Boss’ girlfriend:

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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