She’s said to be set to reveal the Confessions of her ex-Boo, who seems to believe he can take over as the new King of Pop. Sources say she’s now got the the goods to back her story. Know why? Because word is — not only does she have a sex tape of her smashing him with a strap-on — she’s got pictures of his bi-sexual activities, and the addresses of the men he reportedly smashed. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the private detective we’re told she hired. We’re told that’s the juice the smashing stylist is using as leverage to keep the singer signing over those checks. During their twisted marriage, insiders say she found out he Got It Bad for young Caucasian and Latino guys — who he reportedly would take to his jump-off spot, an Atlanta Juniper Street condo, over the cupcake store. Their former marriage is a situation that led her to recently land a spot on ‘Hollywood Exes Atlanta.’ Now, can you guess which celebrity ex-couple I’m talking about?

Usher, Tameka Raymond


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