Lots of celebrities attended Oscar parties yesterday.

Oscar winners and nominees prefer the big parties like the the Vanity Fair Party or The Governors Ball, while music types gravitate more towards the Elton John Party or the Madonna Party.

Among the party guests yesterday was a well-known Reality Star.

While some of the lesser celebrities were happy to meet her and get their photo taken with her, some of the bigger celebrities gave her a wide berth.

Two of them were a Singer and an Actress – who are friendly in real life – who were chatting on one side of the room with a few other people. Someone representing the Reality Star came up to them and said,

“[Reality Star] would like you to come over and take a photo with her in ten minutes.”

The Singer and The Actress both politely declined, saying that they were in the middle of something.

After the rep walked away, though, The Singer and The Actress burst out laughing over the invitation!

The Singer told the group, “Come over to her in ten minutes? Oh my god, she thinks she’s the star of this event!”

The Actress shook her head and said,

“The day that I purposefully walk across a room to take a photo with [Reality Star] is the day my career is over.”

Reality Star: Kim Kardashian
Singer: Lady Gaga
Actress: Jane Fonda

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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