It is much easier to become a celebrity if you use other celebrities as your stepping stones to fame!

This hot young model used a foreign musician and an American musician in quick succession to get attention and to get photographed every day.

It worked, too.

Once the photographers cared more about her than about the guy, it was time for her to move on.

You will likely hear blurbs about how she is “happy to be single for now”… but we know that she already has her sights set on a new boyfriend!

They will play it as “just friends” for a few weeks so that it doesn’t look suspiciously sudden, but you should expect them to formally announce as a couple early in the new year.

Yes, of course he is a celebrity, too.

Civilians don’t make good stepping stones.

Gigi Hadid
Foreign musician: Cody Simpson
American musician: Joe Jonas


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