I told you months ago that the former A- list mostly television actress/substance abuser/former yachter/former molesting victim, was still seeing her abusive boyfriend but was just trying to stay out of the public eye so no one would know.

That cat kind of got out of the bag didn’t it?

The good news is the boyfriend’s brother hasn’t been in the bed in a bit.


Hayden Panettiere

Brian Hickerson

Zach Hickerson

Hayden Panettiere and her convicted felon boyfriend get into wild bar brawl after he ‘SPAT on patrons’ during an argument at celebrity hotspot Sunset Marquis in LA

Actress Hayden Panettiere, 32, and her convicted felon boyfriend Brian Hickerson, 32, got into a fight with a group of patrons after her boyfriend reportedly spit on them

Panettiere, who only stands at a small five-foot, was seen constantly trying to pull her boyfriend away from the fight, as he is on probation until 2025 for domestic violence charges against the actress

She also was heard screaming: ‘Brain, jail!’ at one point, which seems to be a direct reference to his probation

The group eventually moves the fight to the street as security tried to calm the situation outside of the Sunset Marquis, a hotel bar and celebrity hotspot

The Nashville actress was seen being pushed to the ground at one point before being haul up by someone out of frame and appeared to walk away from the fight uninjured and her representative said she was ‘okay’ – Source

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