Considering she was busking for money during the day and doing threesomes for cash at night with her half-sister, you would think her savior wouldn’t be treated so harshly.

You would be wrong.

Our was foreign born. A+ list.

She was a favorite of the mafia because she had grown up with them.

She had been involved in illicit activities from almost the time she was born.

With her success, the mafia wanted a piece of the action.

A taste.

The person who gave the singer her big break refused.

Did our singer step in and do something about it?


Did our singer participate in the murder of her savior? She didn’t pull the trigger, but she made sure the hitman knew where the savior was going to be.

The next time she got a savior, he gave some of the action to the mafia.

He also changed the singer’s name so the public would stop associating her with the murder.

Singer:Edith Piaf (born in Paris)

Her half-sister: Simone Berteaut

Louis Leplée
Louis Leplée (April 7, 1883 in Bayonne, France – April 6, 1936 in Paris, France) was a French nightclub owner who discovered the French singer Édith Piaf singing on a Paris street corner in 1935. Leplée starred Piaf at the popular Parisian nightspot Le Gerny’s as “La Môme Piaf” (The Little Sparrow). Leplée was murdered in his apartment in Paris, on April 6, 1936 a day before his 53rd birthday. Piaf was questioned extensively by the police before being cleared of wrongdoing. There has been speculation of mob involvement in Leplée’s death.

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