At an after party, this permanent A list celebrity was wasted out of her mind and I wish someone recorded her rant about dozens of celebrities who she knows or who were on her show or that she has heard stories about.

She was not holding back.

Tyra Banks

You know when this former stripper turned B+ list celebrity wears a wig that she got a very high paying yachting gig.

That is what she did last night and the yachting gig turned out to be a threesome with her friend and one of the executives of the network.

Amber Rose

Friend: Blac Chyna

The worst behavior of the evening award goes to this celebrity offspring who was inappropriate with every woman he encountered and seems to feel that when he says his name, women are supposed to just want to be with him instantly.

If they don’t, he is just awful to them.

He treats service personnel horribly and at an after party purposely dumped a plate on the floor and told the waitress who spurned him earlier to make her self useful.

Christian Combs (20)

Father: Sean P. Diddy Combs

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