Items belonging to this now deceased foreign born A list singer keep showing up on auction sites and in pawn shops.

They were all stolen by an ex of the singer who is selling them off one by one to finance his drug and escort lifestyle while he plots on how to get more.

George Michael

Fadi Fawaz

Fadi Fawaz is ‘done respecting George Michael’ as he flogs dead singer’s possessions and refuses to get a job in epic rant

The bereaved photographer claims he’s embroiled in a huge spat with George’s lawyer and family, 16 months after George’s death
Fadi Fawaz, the boyfriend of George Michael, has issues an astonishing string of statements in which he has vowed to sell the late singer’s possessions instead of getting a job.

The 44-year-old Australia-born hair stylist began dating George after 2009 and discovered the singer’s dead body on Christmas Day 2016.

Fadi has had an uneasy relationship with George’s friends and family and was reportedly banned from attending the singer’s funeral in 2017.

Indeed, one relative of George, Andros Georgiou, claimed Fadi “was not really [George’s] boyfriend,” amid claims the pair had split in 2015.

Fadi recently posted an enforcement notice on Twitter showing he owed £513, and writing: “Darling they have come to take your furniture coz I couldn’t effort the fine. But don’t worry I didn’t open the door for them.”

On Monday, he issued an astonishing string of tweets stating an intention of selling off old possessions that belonged to George to fund his lifestyle.

“Goerge Micheal Items for sale if you interested please let me know,” he wrote.

“It’s a way so I can survive till we solve the problems with his family and lawyer,” he continued.

“Since I’m left with no help and since no one is human anymore,” he wrote.

“I am done with being respectful towards George Michael or the rest… I will fight for my right from George Michael till the last day of my life,” he wrote, adding: “And no I won’t get a job.”

Fadi raised eyebrows shortly after the death of George Michael when he controversially tweeted the star had attempted to kill himself in the past – however he later said his Twitter account had been hacked and the posts were not written by him.- Source

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