This streaming real estate reality star is not currently allowed to work as a real estate professional here in California, which makes things kind of .

Christine Quinn

Selling Sunset

Christine Quinn Reportedly Quit the Oppenheim Group Before ‘Selling Sunset’ Reunion

Christine Quinn missed out on all the tea on Netflix’s Selling Sunset reunion last week due to testing positive for COVID-19, which some of her co-stars didn’t entirely believe.

However, according to Page Six, the real estate agent revealed that she left the Oppenheim group before the reunion. “Of course there’s no place for me. I terminated my contract weeks ago prior to filming. I have my own company now lol,” she commented on a TikTok video. Following her statement, this implies that there may be a possibility that Quinn wasn’t sick at all and just didn’t want to face her former colleagues.

In the reunion, Jason Oppenheim commented on the issue regarding Quinn attempting to bribe one of Emma Hernan’s clients during Season 5. “[Christine and I] have texted, and we haven’t really addressed this situation,” Oppenheim shared. “She hasn’t reached out to talk about it. I know that she has some thoughts on it,” he continued, adding, “Right now, there’s not a place for her at the Oppenheim Group.” – Source

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