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Until very recently, this foreign born permanent A+ list model was convinced the two recent attempts on her life were because of her association with the royal pedophile.

She thought he was behind them. She knew it wasn’t her former Russian oligarch lovers.

They wouldn’t hire people who would have missed. Plus, she didn’t really know anything about them that was worth death.

She believes it was the recently arrested very wealthy Nigerian scammer who was behind it.

She slept with him many times and knew about his scamming.

She assumes he wanted to keep her quiet so she couldn’t testify against him.

This is the story she is telling friends. It is all crap, although she gave just the slightest truth nugget.

It is because of Nigeria, but it is because of the role she played in helping to traffic those girls who were kidnapped by the warlord in that country.

Once a buyer was found, she would often fly with the girls and pretend to be a relative or accompanying them on a modeling job.

Apparently with the heat here about her involvement with the billionaire pedophile, she wanted more money or would talk.

That is who has been trying to kill her.

A+ list model: Naomi Campbell

Royal pedophile: Prince Andrew

Russian oligarch: Vladislav Doronin
Vladislav Doronin is a Russian businessman, international real estate developer and art collector. He is the founder of Moscow-based Capital Group, owner and chairman of Aman Resorts, and chairman and CEO of OKO Group.

Nigerian Influencer: Ramon Hushpuppi Abbas

Kidnapped girls: Chibok schoolgirls 

Warlord: Boko Haram

Billionaire pedophile: Jeffrey Epstein


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Hushpuppi arraigned; trial set to begin in U.S.

Ramon Abbas, the Nigerian Instagram celebrity with the nomenclature “Hushpuppi“, has been arraigned in an American court in California as his trial begins on October 13.

Mr Abbas pleaded not guilty to the four-count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, money laundering conspiracies, international money laundering and engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity.

In June, the 37-year-old known for flaunting an opulent lifestyle on social media, was arrested in Dubai by special operatives of the Emerati police and American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The FBI’s investigation, according to the affidavit obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, alleged that Mr Abbas financed this extravagant lifestyle through crime.

He is alleged to be the leader of a group that facilitates computer intrusion, business email compromise (BEC) fraud and money laundering.

His targeted victims, majorly in the U.S, had been duped of hundreds of millions of dollars, the FBI says.- Source

Influencer to criminal: the rise and fall of Instagram star Hushpuppi

The Instagram show-off known as “Hushpuppi” tooled around the world in a Ferrari and a Maybach, ordered crates of champagne at nightclubs and sported $150,000 diamond-festooned wristwatches. He claimed his luggage traveled in its own Rolls-Royce. He kept warm on private jets by covering himself in a Louis Vuitton blanket. Boasting about his wealth while calling some of his 2.5 million Instagram followers “peasants,” Hushpuppi also appeared to have an ego that was criminally large.

The same could be said for his alleged professions: money launderer, perpetrator of wire fraud and Internet scam artist.

In June, the 37-year-old was arrested in Dubai. A court document claims he and co-conspirators “[targeted] victims around the world in schemes designed to steal hundreds of millions of dollars.” Hushpuppi is charged with conspiring to launder that money.

They’re alleged to have swindled millions through an online scheme known as “business email compromise”: Basically, they created email addresses just a couple letters off from ones for law firms and other “businesses that perform wire-transfer payments,” according to a Secret Service agent who investigates these types of crimes. Victims are tricked into sending money to bank accounts that the criminals control.

“These crimes are heartbreaking,” Brian Krebs, the editor of, told The Post. “Victims send payments to the wrong place and, nine times out of ten, the money is gone.”

Hushpuppi claims to have accumulated his $20 million net worth through real estate investing. He underscored the point to his Instagram followers with virtual tours of his suite at the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai, where everything from the sofas to the dinner plates bears the design house’s imprimatur. Never mind that the local rich consider the building gauche.

“If you’re from UAE, you don’t stay in Palazzo Versace,” a Dubai socialite sniffed to The Post. She once met Hushpuppi at a party but didn’t know who he was — which no doubt cut the influencer like a knife. “He said, ‘Hi, I’m Hush’ and talked about being an influencer,” she recalled. “ I was, like, ‘Hush?’ I thought I misheard him.”

According to the Nigerian newspaper The Cable, Hushpuppi was born Ramon Abbas and grew up poor in bustling Lagos, with a cab driver father and a mother who sold bread by the side of the road. Hushpuppi himself washed cars before falling into a seedy underworld.

That’s where he reportedly learned about Yahoo Yahoo. Named for the company that was once the sole web provider in Nigeria, it was a moniker used for a number of Internet frauds.

“The most common format involved pretending to be an American soldier stranded in Africa,” Femi Owolabi, a journalist at The Cable, told The Post. “They would send emails, requesting money for help, to people in America.”

Hushpuppi allegedly had a knack for Yahoo Yahoo and “he became a rising star . . . Then he went to South Africa and met people who showed him how to do it [at a higher level].”

After his first big score, he bought a Rolex and posted pictures of it online. – Source

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