He’s a known child sex predator who may be left with no choice but to hawk his trio of Grammys. That’s because his “Story” is one of financial turmoil … foreclosure, legal fees, and Hollywood Ex ‘hush hush’ money … which led his Chocolate Factory to fizzle. We’re told that’s why he’s turned to some of his celebrity associates to lend him a buck. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Michael Jordan. This, while our mystery man has stooped to hosting Atlanta parties for “crack head prices” to try an make ends meet … all the while, keeping up a lap of luxury illusion by living in a rented mansion. He’s a dude said to constantly be on edge. Know why? Insiders say his Hollywood Ex is playing her reality TV card to keep him in check … now that she has the stage — and has gained the notoriety — to spill the secret tea she has ALL the ingredients to. “Some say his ex-wife used to recruit young girls for our blind item’s sexual perversions … and was there for him as a shoulder to cry while he was dealing with the demons of his childhood abuse at the hands of his mother’s [then] boyfriend.” After our blind item learned about Mary J Blige’s financial crisis, insiders say he sparked a plan to stay relevant and keep cash rolling in. Know how? By reaching out to the Queen of Hip Hop soul.

R. Kelly

Source: http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com

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