The only sticking point to the dropping of the lawsuit by the former A+ list mostly movie actor against his ex is how big the check is going to have to be.

At this point, there is no possible way he can win his lawsuit.

The sooner he gets out of it, the smaller the check he will write.

Johnny Depp

Amber Heard

Johnny Depp Fails to Overturn Ruling in ‘Wife Beater’ Libel Case, Amber Heard Says She’s ‘By No Means Surprised’

Johnny Depp has failed to overturn the ruling in his “wife beater” libel case.

In a written judgment handed down by the Court of Appeal in London on Thursday, judges Lord Justice Underhill and Lord Justice Dingemans refused the actor’s application for a fresh trial on the grounds that a second hearing was unlikely to produce a different outcome.

“Following a hearing last week, the Court of Appeal has refused permission to Johnny Depp to appeal against the dismissal of his claim for libel against News Group Newspapers and one of its journalists,” the Lord Justices wrote in an official summary of their ruling.

“The claim was based on a story in The Sun alleging that he had beaten his former wife, Amber Heard. After a three-week trial in the High Court last year, in which both Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard gave evidence, Mr. Justice Nicol found that the allegation was true,” the summary continued.

“The Court in its judgment emphasized that an appeal against the decision of a trial judge on questions of disputed fact faced serious difficulties: of its judgment – and that none of the criticisms of the Judge’s reasoning or conclusion advanced on behalf of Mr. Depp had a real prospect of success.”

The court added that the 2020 trial was “full and fair” and the judge involved, Mr. Justice Nicol, had given “thorough reasons for his conclusions.” – Source

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