This permanent A+ list director is known for being dark and macabre.

He is also known for the way he se.xually assaulted women or forced himself on them.

Sometimes he would combine the two.

In the middle of World War 2, our married director invited an aspiring actress back to his home.

At his house, things got out of hand and the woman was killed.

The director had to tell his wife what happened and she said he needed to take care of the problem. Apparently his way to take care of the problem was to dig a hole and bury the body in the backyard.

One week later on his wife’s birthday he bought her a purse and inside the purse was a key and a note.

The note said he took care of the problem and the key was to their new house without a dead body buried in the backyard.

Alfred Hitchcock

10957 Bellagio Road, Bel Air, Los Angeles, California

Built in 1942, 10957 Bellagio Road, Bel Air, was the property the Hitchcock’s lived in until their deaths in the 1980s.

The 7-bedroomed house sits on a 0.64 acre site, adjacent to the Bel Air Country Club golf course, and was purchased for $40,000. Hitchcock reportedly gave Alma a new handbag for her 43rd birthday, containing a gold key to the front door.

The Hitchcock’s moved to Bellagio Road from nearby St. Cloud Road, where they’d rented a property from actress Carole Lombard. – Source

Tippi Hedren: Alfred Hitchcock s.exually assaulted me

Star of The Birds and Marnie says director grabbed her, attempted to kiss her and had a secret door installed between his office and her dressing room

Tippi Hedren has revealed how Alfred Hitchcock allegedly se.xually assaulted her while they were working on the films The Birds and Marnie.

The actor has spoken in the past about the director’s treatment of her, much of which was portrayed in the 2012 HBO movie The Girl, but she goes into fresh detail in a new autobiography, Tippi: A Memoir.
Do Hitchcock and The Girl reveal the horrible truth about Hitch?
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According to the Daily Mail, Hitchcock’s abusive behaviour began when he cast Hedren in The Birds, her first film and Hitchcock’s follow-up to Psycho.

Hedren alleges that the director ordered other cast members not to socialise with her or touch her, and grew petulant if he saw her talking to other men.

She claims he once threw himself on top of her and tried to kiss her while they were travelling in his limousine. The next day on set, while filming the famous phone booth scene in which Hedren’s character is attacked by birds, she says one of the mechanical crows broke the supposedly shatterproof glass, shards of which hit her in the face. She also says that in a scene where her character was attacked by birds in a bedroom she was told the mechanical birds would not work, and that they would have to use live ones.

She allegedly spent five days filming the scene with live birds being thrown at her and attached to her body with elastic bands. Hedren says she broke down when a bird that had been attached to her shoulder almost pecked her in the eye, and she spent the following week in bed, exhausted.

Hedren suspects that Hitchcock was attempting to punish her for rebuffing his se.xual advances.- Source

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