I don’t know for sure what happened overseas, but go ask crew members who worked on any season after season one of that cable show the alliterate one starred on and ask them if they believe she could be like that.

Everyone will say absolutely.

Now, to be fair, the lead actor on the show was even worse.

Meghan Markle


Gabriel Macht

Meghan Markle Supporters Fire Back Online At Buckingham Palace Leaked ‘Bullying’ Report

A fierce backlash has erupted to a leaked report that Buckingham Palace investigated Meghan Markle’s alleged bullying of staff.

The report alleges that the bullying of two senior staff members took place when Markle was a working royal. The Sunday Times of London said the report has resulted in changes to the “policies and procedures” governing treatment of staff for the monarchy.

Markle and husband Prince Harry left as working royals after a short stint and moved to the US. They have sinced signed deals with Netflix and Spotify, although have not produced a lot of content under those umbrellas. Netflix quietly dropped Pearl, the working title of an animated series that was created by Meghan Markle through Archewell Productions, the shingle the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry set up at Netflix.

The findings of the alleged bullying report by an independent law firm, which was reportedly instituted and funded by Queen Elizabeth, have not been released. That has led to accusations that the report was “buried.” .

Reports cited a spokesperson for Markle denying all claims of bullying, adding she was “saddened by this latest attack on her character, particularly as someone who has been the target of bullying herself.” – Source

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