This celebrity has always been unusual.

She is old now, but still unusual.

I think she is a permanent A list celebrity even though she has not really done much in her life.

Yeah, she has sung, but she is not famous for anything she has really done musically on her own.

She is much more known for who she was with, then anything she has done.

Hey, at least she has not done reality television.

I don’t think. Let me check.

No, no reality.

A lot of self credits though so maybe I didn’t see it as I quickly scrolled through.

Anyway, unusual for sure. A little creepy.

How creepy?

During her single years she had a lot of kinks and a lot of fetishes.

I’m not judging.

I don’t judge.

Not on most of them anyway.

Apparently though, she took the whole mother/son relationship a little too far and would often sleep naked with her son and made him sleep naked too.

He won’t discuss it but an ex-girlfriend says that he told her that his mom would give him massages while they were both naked and would call him the man of the house.

Just really sick stuff.

Yoko Ono
Son: Sean Lennon
Ex-girlfriend – Bijou Phillips


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