Apparently if you want this A list actor/producer/writer/director/mogul to hire you, then you go out in public and tell everyone the A lister is straight.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Lepley

Tyler Lepley Says Him & Tyler Perry Aren’t Gay

If Mrs. Rona did anything positive this year, she allowed folks to slow down a bit and enjoy a whole lot of television. One show, in particular, that caught buzz on social media is P-Valley, which stands for–you guessed it–P*ssy Valley.

Adapted from Katori Hall’s play, the drama series airs on STARZ network and follows the lives of multiple characters that work at a fictional Mississippi strip club called The Pynk. Tyler Lepley, who plays Diamond on the show, shares that his sexuality is often mistaken as gay because he played a gay character on his first show.

On Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, Lepley explains that Benny, his character on Tyler Perry’s The Haves And Have Nots, is gay and believes that fact may have something to do with the confusion. “I came out on a Tyler Perry show and for whatever reason, he gets a rap like that and I know Tyler [Perry] personally and he’s not gay. I was seen around him and all of a sudden ‘he’s rubbing off on me’ and people felt like I was gay or something like that.” – Source

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