The “time traveler” is using videos made at the beginning of lockdown two years ago to show the “future.”

Apparently his museum guard friend took several of the videos.

Javier the Time traveller (@unicosobreviviente)

HOME ALONE ‘Time traveller from 2028’ claims he’s been alone in post-apocalyptic world for 340 days – and shares ‘proof’

Javier claims to be from the year 2028 and has continued to proclaim that there are no humans left – even though buildings and cars are still in place.

The social media user, who goes by the name @unicosobreviviente (only survivor), first posted on February 13 last year showing the city of Valencia, Spain, empty and without any people around.

Soon after more videos of the empty city followed, where there is no visible human activity – yet electricity and internet connection remain available for the TikToker to be able to upload the videos.

Fast forward 11 months and Javier now claims that he has is still stranded and has spent 340 days in total isolation with the world at his mercy.

The Spaniard captioned one of his latest posts: “Day 340 alone in the world, I have toured cities and many more.

“What could be happening to me?”

In another video shared a day prior, he visited a famous museum in his home city that he claims is “always full of people.”

The venue is devoid of all human life as he appears to be able to roam freely around the deserted venue that is perfectly preserved.

Since his first post, Javier has often shared updates of his “life in the future” and suggests he has also visited future incarnations of Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. – Source

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