Once again, don’t believe the hype.

Another social media star got thirsty and wanted more followers so said he hooked up with the former A+ list rapper.

When you are worried about someone suing you who isn’t even an interested party to what you are alleging, but want to tag them for more clicks, it shows what you are really after.

Cole Carrigan

Kanye West


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From Jeffree Star To Cole Carrigan; Where Did Kanye West Link Up Rumors Come From?

Kanye West’s affair and similar rumours in connection to the likes of Jeffree Star and Cole Carrigan have been making rounds on the Internet ever since Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce was allegedly filed for by the latter. As per an article on Yahoo News, it has been said that Kim Kardashian has decided to end her marriage of the almost seven years with the rapper. The reason for the same, as per a TikTok star, are a couple of artists who are well known in their respective fields that are allegedly having an affair with the musician.

Kanye West and Jeffree Star:

The link-up rumours concerning Kanye West and Jeffree Star was the first one out of the two to have found its way to the Internet. The reason for the same is Ava Louise, an online influencer who is best known for her song “Skinny Legend Anthem”. She started a rumour that Kanye West is being unfaithful to his wife, Kim Kardashian West by having a romantic involvement with Star on TikTok. While starting a conversation around the same, the 22-year-old viral sensation referenced an article on Page Six that spoke about Kim and Kanye having marital problems. When a publication house known as the Insider reached out to her for evidence connecting Kanye West and Jeffree Star, she didn’t reveal any. Instead, she simply stuck to her story and said that her story is genuine as her source is an entertainment lawyer based out of L.A, who claims to have seen the evidence that was presented by Kardashian in connection to the affair.

Kanye West and Cole Carrigan:

According to an article in Distractify, Ava Louise also alleged that the rapper had an affair with yet another beauty guru who goes by the name of Cole Carrigan. The Distractify article stated that Ava gave clues that would point towards the identity of the person West was allegedly having an affair with by saying that the person is a well-known figure in the beauty industry. As per Ava, the beauty guru identifies as Male. She concluded her statement by saying that a lot of people have known about it for a while. The report in question also alleged that Cole did share a moment of intimacy with Kanye. The very same report contained that Cole, though a new TikTok video, claimed that he can’t say too much because he didn’t want to invite a lawsuit from Kim. The final bits of the report stated that Cole went ahead and uploaded another TikTok video, through which he furnished receipts of allegedly meeting with Kanye at the W Hotel on 24th November 2020. – Source


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