This actress has had some of the worst luck when it comes to guys. She has been with some very big names but they all walk all over her and she doesn’t do anything about it. Our actress used to be almost A list. She has been right there a few times but is probably going to be a B forever. Great name recognition. Amazing actress. Terrible taste in guys. One A list actor cheated on her so many times that she wasn’t even sure they were actually dating any longer. He said they were but he cheated on her almost every day. The worst was her husband though. This guy was a piece of work. He kept telling her he would change and she would believe him and then she would catch him with someone and he would apologize and he finally told her it was all her fault that he was cheating and that she should go to therapy so he would stop cheating on her. She actually went to therapy and he kept cheating on her anyway and she finally gave up when she realized he was cheating on her with the nanny while she was at therapy.

Actress: Laura Dern
A list actor: Jeff Goldblum or Billy Bob Thornton
Husband: Ben Harper


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