Today I’m going to do something different and give you two possible answers to this blind, and you have to see who fits. These two C-list couples have a lot in common:
They met having an affair.
Their marriage is currently on the rocks.
The guy is a horrible actor and a douche that can’t find work.
The woman has a lot of drug/mental issues.
Both couples are broke with crushing debt and limited income.
These two couples have super volatile fights.
The list goes on… So which one of these couples got into one of their classic knock down, drag out fights recently over the fact that the wife cancelled ALL of the husband’s credit cards, and completely cut him off from having any access to the money whatsoever?

Not only was the cash cut off, but all of the fancy toys she bought him were packed up and shipped to a storage unit.

He had no idea because he’s been spending the majority of his time away from home.

If he wants his privileges back, he has to agree to stay another five years, follow all of her rules, and participate in a lavish vow renewal ceremony.

Otherwise, she refuses to work to generate more income for him to spend, and she has no problem watching him suffer without the benefit of distractions.

All it takes is ONE press release to release all of the demons and finish him for good.

So is it Eddie and LeAnn or Tori and Dean?


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