The legend has it that this former A+ list celebrity, after killing a man, never again saw the woman who was with him at the time of the death.

She came from a very wealthy family, but the former A+ list celebrity was even more wealthy.

He preferred dating women without means because he was embarrassed when he did something to cause high society to turn their noses at him.

This was one of those times.

He did try to keep her out of the press and to not involve her, but he was unable to do so.

Embarrassed at what he had put her through, he always told people he never saw her again after a very public spectacle regarding the killing of the man.

This is not true though.

He did see her again and once again, she managed to be there for a death.

This time though, there were no doubts that the A+ lister killed a man.

Our celebrity and the woman were in Santa Barbara for polo.

It was late summer, just a month or so after the last time he had seen her.

He had driven to Santa Barbara to make amends.

After the match, they attended an event.

At the event, an African-American waiter spent a little too much time talking to the date of the A+ lister.

She explained that his wife had been an employee of her family for decades.

Apparently our A+ lister was still upset that she had been speaking to him as a friend and in public where others would see.

He confronted the waiter while the waiter was taking a smoke break in the back.

Words were exchanged and then the A+ lister hit the waiter over the head with a tire jack and killed him.

He then went back inside, grabbed his date and took her home.

Immediately after that he had his attorney start working the phones and writing checks and our A+ lister never even had to give a police interview.

Apparently the woman left the next day and didn’t step foot back in her family home until the wife of the man killed, retired.

A+ list celebrity: Howard Hughes

Woman: Nancy Belle Bayly Watts

First killing: Gabriel Samuel “Gabe” Meyer
Meyer was struck and fatally injured by a car being driven by film producer Howard Hughes. Hughes stated that another car had swerved, causing him to enter a “safety zone,” where Meyer was standing. A coroner’s jury later found that Hughes was not at fault, and he was not charged.


Howard Hughes – Fatal car accident

On July 11, 1936, Hughes struck and killed a pedestrian named Gabriel S. Meyer with his car at the corner of 3rd Street and Lorraine in Los Angeles. After the crash, Hughes was taken to the hospital and certified as sober, but an attending doctor made a note that Hughes had been drinking. A witness to the crash told police that Hughes was driving erratically and too fast, and that Meyer had been standing in the safety zone of a streetcar stop. Hughes was booked on suspicion of negligent homicide and held overnight in jail until his attorney, Neil S. McCarthy, obtained a writ of habeas corpus for his release pending a coroner’s inquest. By the time of the coroner’s inquiry, however, the witness had changed his story and claimed that Meyer had moved directly in front of Hughes’ car. Nancy Bayly (Watts), who was in the car with Hughes at the time of the crash, corroborated this version of the story. On July 16, 1936, Hughes was held blameless by a coroner’s jury at the inquest into Meyer’s death. Hughes told reporters outside the inquiry, “I was driving slowly and a man stepped out of the darkness in front of me.”- Source

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