The tabloids are sheep.

They know that this pint sized A+/A list mostly movie actor was not dating his co-star, but they all want the chance to interview him for his two movies being released next year, so they go along with the fiction.

Tom Cruise

Hayley Atwell

Mission Impossible 8

CRUISING FOR A BRUISING Tom Cruise has split from Mission Impossible co-star lover Hayley Atwell after a year of dating

The US star, 59, and the Brit beauty, 39, split during filming for the new movie.

The blockbuster has been hammered by a string of delays and disasters, including several Covid shutdowns.

Their relationship appeared to be intensifying after they attended a number of high-profile events including Wimbledon.

But they have now agreed to be just “friends” as the seventh Mission Impossible instalment nears completion.

A film insider said: “It has been a very intense period of filming together.

“They really got on well – and they’re obviously both very good-looking Hollywood stars so it made for a good match.

“But as the latest film winds down they’ve decided to go back to being friends. – Source

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