This actor is A+ list. Mostly movies. Everyone knows who he is.

I have documented his cheating in this space before.

He is a serial cheater with some of the less put together women of the world.

He loves them sleazy. If he could bottle a street hooker and have her as quiet as a blow up doll this would make our very family values spouting actor thrilled.

Only peroxide blondes or a wig that gets her that way.

It is the complete opposite of his wife who is dark haired and lovely and sweet and in his mind faithful to him and he would like to think she was a virgin when they got married. While our actor is gone on location his wife stays home with their kids. Lots of kids.

He leaves behind some of his staff to help her if she needs help.

One of his closest friends has become one of her closest friends too and one thing led to another and her most recent baby is actually the child of the friend and not her husband.

When the baby was born our actor husband thought it was his but over time it has become obvious that the child is not his own.

When he takes his other kids out with alone time with dad this kid never gets to go.

The actor is not going to admit what happened so just grimaces when asked about that child.

The actor wants the child shipped to a boarding school as soon as the child is old enough.

The actor also has not fired his friend because then he would have to admit why he fired him so everything is just a tense stalemate with a world of explosion just waiting for a spark.

Mark Wahlberg


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