Producers are narrowing down their choices for the lead in this iconic franchise!

While dozens of different actors have been thrown into the rumor mix, we hear that there are really only about half a dozen top contenders… but they all have their challenges. According to an insider, here is what the producers are thinking about each actor.

[1] would be a nice familiar choice, but they are annoyed about his $$$ demands and are now leaning towards bringing in someone younger to play the role for the next three to four installments.

[2] has the height and the British accent, but rather ruined his image as a cool sexy playboy when he dated [that pop star].

[3] has the height, is handsome, and can pull off the action sequences, but they find his version of a British accent off-putting.

[4] is under 40, has a perfect accent and could pull off the part, but lacks a certain cool confidence and is just too damn short.

[5] has a great voice, but while they would seriously consider a man of color, they want someone for the franchise for years to come and he is a bit long in the tooth.

[6] is an real up-and-comer but not as well-know as all the other choices. They really like him but are unsure if audiences will warm to someone for whom this would be a breakout role.

[7] is already very hot in the market, but they see him as more adorable than handsome, and just too damn American.

So the producers seem to be considering affordability, age, height, good looks, cool confidence, popularity, and a good British accent as their most important criteria.

That’s a lot to require in one package!


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1. Daniel Craig. The Winner! Now 49, but will commit to at least one more James Bond film. His package for one film is rumored to be upwards of $50 million. Wow.

2. Tom Hiddleston. Dating Taylor Swift did not help him seem suave or cool.

3. Sam Heughan. Scottish, best known for Outlander. He actually had a British dialect coach for a TV movie, but somehow wound up sounding Scottish anyway.

4. Jamie Bell. At 5’7”, he was too short. Also, Billy Elliott just lacked that cool guy factor.

5. Idris Elba. At 44, would have been getting a late start on an action franchise role.

6. Jack Huston. English, handsome, 32, best known for Boardwalk Empire. Not yet a household name.

7. Ryan Gosling. You may be surprised to learn that they were seriously considering him for a while. Hey, Girl!



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