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He was forced to sign multiple documents telling him to keep his mouth quiet.
October 24, 2020
Maybe one day there will be a serious discussion of who actually wrote this book.
October 25, 2020

About the hit in NYC.

The people behind the attempts on the foreign born permanent A list model managed to follow through on a hit in NYC.

The people behind the attempts on the foreign born permanent A list model managed to follow through on a hit in NYC.

Naomi Campbell

Fahim Saleh – was a Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur and computer programmer who founded Gokada, Pathao and JoBike. Saleh was also a founding partner of Adventure Capital, a Manhattan-based venture capital firm. Died: July 13, 2020

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Attempts – He has been trying to kill her.
Until very recently, this foreign born permanent A+ list model was convinced the two recent attempts on her life were because of her association with the royal pedophile. She thought he was behind them. She knew it wasn’t her former Russian oligarch lovers.- READ IT HERE

Techie dismembered in NYC apartment created app used by N.J. jail honcho in illegal wiretapping case

The tech bro found sliced into pieces in his $2.25 million Lower East Side condo made a name for himself by creating a prank phone call app that led to the downfall of a Hudson County, N.J. jail honcho.

Fahim Saleh’s app, PrankDial, allowed a user to set up a call between two other people and then secretly listen in.

Kirk Eady, the former deputy director of Hudson County Correctional Facility, was sentenced to 21 months in prison in Sept. 2015 for “illegally wiretapping” employees critical of his job performance. Eady has an ongoing lawsuit against Saleh and others for misleading him about the legality of the app, which he used to secretly monitor his critics.

Saleh, found dismembered in his apartment alongside an electric saw, had recently started a ride-hailing motorcycle app, Gorkada, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Saleh wrote in a 2018 Medium post that PrankDial began as a passion project inspired by his love of prank calls when he was young.

PrankDial relied on users not to make calls to 11 states where the app’s service was illegal. The app was an instant hit and generated up to $2 million annually, he wrote.

“Over its lifetime, has generated more than $10 million,” Saleh wrote. “No joke.”

The app was no laughing matter for Eady. The former jail official used PrankDial’s “evil operator” function to monitor communications between Hudson County jail union officials and the operator of a website critical of jail management.

“Eady used Evil Operator to initiate calls between them and secretly record the resulting conversations. Eady then retaliated against the union members by changing their work schedules, placing anonymous calls to their spouses accusing them of infidelity, and registering one of them as a member of the Ku Klux Klan,” judges at the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in 2016, affirming Eady’s conviction. – Source

Lower East Side killer wore ninja-style mask, fled gruesome murder scene as victim Fahim Saleh’s sister rode the elevator upstairs for a visit: sources

A cold-blooded killer, clad in a ninja-style mask and a fancy suit and tie*, left his victim’s dismembered corpse inside a $2 million Lower East Side condo just moments before the victim’s sister arrived at the crime scene, a police source indicated Wednesday.

The suspect bolted via a staircase as the sister rode the elevator upstairs to visit victim Fahim Saleh, with her impending arrival interrupting the killer’s efforts to scrub the bloody condo clean and dispose of the body, the source said. The killer left behind the electric saw used to decapitate the 33-year-old victim and lop off Saleh’s arms and legs, and the source said cleaning materials were also found inside the seventh-floor residence.

“He was dressed like a ninja, full out, so you can’t even see his face,” the source said. “He clearly knew what he was doing. We think his intent was to get rid of the body parts and go back and clean it up and make it look like nothing happened. He left before he finished the job.”

The killer was alerted by the sister’s buzzing from the E. Houston St. lobby, where she was admitted by the virtual doorman, according to the source. The sister called 911 after stumbling upon the gruesome scene, with her millionaire tech entrepreneur brother’s limbless and headless torso inside, police said.

The worried sister went to the apartment because she hadn’t seen her brother in a day, and arrived only to find his butchered body, cops said.

The assassin stabbed him repeatedly in the chest to kill him, according to his autopsy results. He used a stun gun to incapacitate Saleh before murdering him, police sources said.

A police source indicated investigators believed the grisly execution was prompted by a business deal gone lethally bad. – Source

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