We know what happened to $3M belonging to the charity of the alliterate one, but what happened to the other $10M?

Archewell Foundation

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry

Charity boss brands 12.6m Covid vaccine drive highlighted in Archewell report a ‘collective’ effort – as Harry and Meghan face questions over how remaining $10m raised will be spent

The co-founder of a good cause supported by Harry and Meghan’s US charity today clarified that getting 12.66million Covid-19 vaccinations to the world’s poorest had been a ‘collective’ effort after some questioned the figures.

The Archewell Foundation has raised $13million since its formation after Megxit in 2020, giving away $3million in grants, it has emerged, with experts asking what they will do with the remaining $10million and how much was spent on staff and administration.

The foundation’s first official report, released in the US last night, contains ‘a snapshot of our impact by the numbers’. In a section ‘measuring our work in the world’, Harry and Meghan’s charity said it had helped with: ‘12.66 million COVID-19 vaccines procured for the global population through our partnership with Global Citizen’.

But critics have pointed to a 2021 Global Citizen report, which said that the Sussexes’ foundation had helped bring in $535,000 – enough for 107,000 Covid jabs.

And today, hours after the report was released, Global Citizen’s co-founder Michael Sheldrick thanked the couple for their support while clarifying that the 12.66million jabs had been a ‘collective’ effort ‘garnering public & private sector support’. – Source

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