With the second in line now leaking to the media, there will either be a truce or an all out war where all of the dirty laundry of the family will be aired, including of course that background report prepared about the alliterate one by the security services in advance of her marriage.

That would mean of course other affairs involving the second in line would also be leaked.

A truce might be the better way to go for them.

For us, the public, the all out war would be best.

Prince William

Prince Harry

Meghan Markle

The Princes And The Press

Royals at war with BBC over ‘tittle tattle’ documentary: The Queen, Charles and Cambridges unite in threat to boycott corporation over show alleging ‘briefing wars between William and Harry’

The Palace is furious that the BBC has refused to let it see The Princes and the Press before it airs on BBC2

It has said they will refuse to cooperate on future projects unless given a right to respond

Senior royal source condemned the documentary airing tomorrow as ‘tittle tattle’ and left the Monarch ‘upset’

In an unusual move, the three most senior Royals have joined together to complain to the corporation

The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William have joined forces in a ‘tri-household’ boycott if it goes ahead – Source

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