This actor is B- list. Mostly television at this point in his career. He was going to be the next A+ list superstar. He was everywhere. When movies were made when he was younger his name was at the top of every wish list. He was huge. He also got a big head and started trashing his friends and rumor has it is the reason one of his friends died. How? Got him hooked on drugs and never even bothered to send a card to the family. The rest of the family hates him and have spread the word against him whenever they get a chance. They have not had to do much. He has done most of the damage himself. From date raping the 17 year old daughter of a studio executive who is now a studio chief to burning down more than one trailer after leaving his cigarettes burning on furniture or the floor. His most recent celebrity girlfriend who had tons of money ended because he can’t stop smoking meth and she was afraid he would get busted while they were dating and she would lose everything. Our actor spends almost all of his days smoking it. He says it gives him a creative energy for his acting but what it really does is make him lose out on roles and blow off the ones he does get. A sad ending to what could have been a great career.

Josh Hartnett, Heath Ledger, Amanda Seyfried


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