This A-list Oscar winning/nominated actress has had a little trouble maintaining her ‘girl next door’ image for the last year, after working for years to keep her persona as the public sees her unblemished, and a recent tirade at an awards banquet isn’t going to help matters.

She was being honored by a major publication alongside this B-(almost A) list 50/50 television and movie actress who is also an Oscar winner/nominee.

One could even argue that in the last five years, this actress has had more box office success and critical acclaim than the A-lister.

She’s only B-list because she doesn’t ‘play the game’. Well, at this banquet, it was time to go on stage for the photo op with the editor and publisher while holding their awards.

The A-lister was less than gracious about posing next to the B-lister because she felt that the B-lister ruined the shot.

She’s very particular about the way she’s photographed, even mug shots, and didn’t want someone she deemed less than worthy of her photo standing next to her.

She pushed the B-lister to the back and hogged the spotlight.

Because the B-lister is a class act, she didn’t make a big deal about it on stage, but in the photos, you can see the tears in her eye.

After the presentation as everyone was leaving, the B-lister did have the last word, though.

The B-lister got a photo op with this A+++ legend, who called her beautiful and they schmoozed for over twenty minutes.

The A-lister went over to say hello, and while the legend was gracious, couldn’t quite place who she was.

The B-lister quipped, “Oh…that’s a shame, I guess she’s not a fan of (insert cheesy movie that actually made the A-lister a star).”

The legend then went on to ask if the A-lister was one of the B-lister’s costars in her big movie.

The A-lister stomped away. America’s sweetheart, and all.

A Lister : Reese Witherspoon
B Lister (Really A List): Melissa McCarthy
A++++ : Kathy Bates
“ELLE Women in Hollywood”


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