This A-list entertainer is very well liked, but not known for being the brightest bulb on the lamp, if you know what I mean.

She’s from a nutty entertainment family, and seems to be the sane one with her head screwed on straight, but that’s just because she’s blissfully unaware of everything and has a great team.

Recently, she lost a huge amount of weight.

People think it’s because of a healthy lifestyle, but really, it’s because her once A-list, now circling the drain on the C-list, family member gave her the magic bullet to shed the pounds.

Good ol’ Adderal. It worked, but it had a weird effect on the A-lister.

It made her very, very mean, and several times she would bring people on her team to tears with her temper.

At one point an award went sailing across the office when one of her endorsements told her she wasn’t losing the weight fast enough.

As soon as she quit using the medication, she was back to her nice, ditzy self. Only she has terrible, chronic nightmares now.

She’s afraid to sleep, and insists that the lights are always on in her house.

Jessica Simpson, sister: Ashlee Simpson


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