This A list mostly movie actor is probably not expecting the lawsuit headed his way.

Oh sure, he thinks a woman might file one but what about that guy he raped a few years back who had to go to the hospital?

Yeah, I bet he thought that guy was out of the picture.


Not even close.

James Franco

This permanent A list singer who is also a permanent A list actress was talking to a couple who had given up their baby for adoption.

Out of the blue the actress said that her A- list daughter gave up a child for adoption after she was assaulted by a relative.

Diana Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross
Actress, model, comedian, and television host, best known for her lead role as Joan Clayton in the comedy series Girlfriends and Dr. Rainbow Johnson in the comedy series Black-ish.

This height challenged A list comic/actor is cheating on his wife again.

It is with someone he used to hook up with a couple of years ago who he thought was much more discreet.

Kevin Hart

That married disgraced producer is spending a great deal of money to make sure he has nightly female companionship.

He has spending upwards of several thousand dollars a day.

Harvey Weinstein

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