Last year, this foreign born permanent A list model fired a housecleaner after beating her.

The model thought the cleaner had stolen something, but had not.

Naomi Campbell

This A list mostly movie actor/former superhero is growing a massive amount of pot at his home which he says he is going to give away to his friends at Christmas.

He says it is super potent.

Tobey Maguire


The reporter who today confirmed everything I have ever said about how the celebrity CEO manipulates the press to turn them into publicists rather than press, is not the reporter who has been in this space multiple times.

That reporter is in a league of his own when it comes to sucking up, and the favors he receives are much more than just alone time with the CEO and executives.

Elon Musk

This producer/host/wannabe rapper once promised to pay someone $100K if he was willing to feel an electric shock from a car battery.

The person agreed, but was never paid after.

Sean  Combs

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