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1 – The permanent A+++ list singer and actress who was robbed blind by the agent, after she switched managers from her then husband to the aforementioned manager.

The husband hired a tax auditor to look over her bank accounts, being that she spent money like crazy, and found that vast sums were disappearing.

He went to confront the manager and his wife and was blocked from entering by goons posing as security guards. Of course the wife, being in an inebriated state, didn’t believe a thing her husband was telling her and their marriage further eroded.

Then, after a near fatal overdose in London, the manager threatened the iconic performer that he had photos of the star getting her stomach pumped in a hospital that he was threatening to sell to a tabloid… unless she gave him $50,000.

Since she had a new TV project on the line, one that the manager got her, she forked over the cash.

Several other similar incidents happened between the icon and the manager even after she dropped him.

Judy Garland

Ex-husband: Sidney Luft

Manager: David Begelman

The Judy Garland Show

2 – Speaking of the iconic performer, her eldest offspring was on the cusp of A-list stardom at the time when the previous BI occurred, and on her mother’s advice she hired the manager too.

Everything was going smoothly, until the manager called up the offspring and threatened to release photos taken at a party in Greenwich Village when she was very underage where she was clearly seen drinking, snorting what appeared to be cocaine and smoking pot…. unless she gave him $100,000. She had a potential career making Broadway musical on the line and like her mother she forked over the cash.

However, she didn’t get the part in that musical (after the manager told the producer of the play she was a liability) but eventually got to star in the film adaptation which she won many awards for.

Liza Minnelli


Manager: David Begelman

3 – Many people forget that this alliterate A+++ list actress and sex symbol was a client of the manager.

She indeed was, towards the end of her life.

It abruptly ended after that Chicago mob boss had his goons, on order of the manager, take pictures of the actress drunk and passed out on a vomit-filled floor.

The photos were taken a few days after the dalliance between the actress and the high ranking politician.

Thankfully she had help in stopping the pictures from leaking.

She placed a call to her singer/actor friend who was the owner of the resort she was staying at where the pictures were taken.

He also hated the manager with a passion.

He placed a call to the mob boss, and the photos were never leaked.

Marilyn Monroe

Frank Sinatra

Robert Kennedy

Sam Giancana

Manager: David Begelman

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