I’m always fascinated when I hear about a couple hooking up that is so out of the realm of anything you could have imagined and then to hear about this threesome is something that took a few minutes to process. It happened back in the day although two of the three people involved are A list but back then only one of the three was A list and he just barely. Let me give you the cast of characters in this one. The two women are the same women just a few years apart. Not exactly the same woman because one is way louder than the other. #1 was a B list actress at the time. Now she is probably C+. She knew #2 from some work they had done together on a television show and #2 was starting to make a name for herself. Now she is an A list diva and likes to think of herself as someone who is multi-talented. Well, she was pretty talented back in the day according to #3 who is an A list mostly movie actor now from a huge huge movie franchise who used to be in a huge huge television franchise. #1 and #3 made a movie together and hooked up and a couple of times #2 came along for some threesome fun. #3 is not shy about sharing the story if you ask.

#1: Rosie Perez
#2: Jennifer Lopez
Television show: “In Living Color”
#3: Woody Harrelson
#1 & #3 movie: “White Men Can’t Jump”
Movie franchise: “Hunger Games”
Television franchise: “Cheers”

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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