This female former A+ list reality star who everyone still dislikes offered $10K to this foreign born female A list singer for sex. The singer turned her down.

Paris Hilton

Dua Lipa

At least she gets outside the house during the day, but there have been dead bodies that look more healthy than this A- list model/celebrity offspring of really low on the list celebrities.

Don’t do drugs.

Gigi Hadid

There is a convicted murderer publicly hanging out with a way underage C list social media celebrity.

The killer previously admitted to having sex with a 14 year old boy, in a book about 2 decades ago.

Of course, it’s really rape, since 14 year olds can’t consent.

Michael Alig

Desmond Napoles  – Desmond the Amazing

Desmond & The Killer

Earlier this week, I wrote about Desmond Napoles, an 11-year-old Brooklyn boy who, as a drag queen, goes by the name “Desmond Is Amazing.” In my blog post, I criticized his parents for allowing him to perform at a gay bar in Brooklyn, at which men threw cash at him, as if he were a stripper. This 11-year-old child has been widely celebrated in the media, including guest spots on Good Morning America and Today. The mainstream media have been entirely complicit in helping this child’s parents exploit him.

Now, I’ve found more. This story is even more disturbing.

Here is video of Desmond performing the same act (imitating Gwen Stefani) he did in Brooklyn at a gay bar in San Francisco this past October. Watch the clip; hooting and cheering men give him money as he prances around the stage.

How many other times has this happened? Does that stage mom, Wendy (sometimes Wendylou) Napoles, take her 11-year-old son to gay bars to perform for men all the time now? Where is Child Protective Services?

Unless something has changed fairly recently, Wendy is unemployed. Last Christmas, some friends did a Go Fund Me for her and the boy. They raised just over $2,500 to get them through the holidays. In 2016, Wendy did an interview with “Bettina May,” a burlesque performer and “vintage” stylist, from whom Wendy took a class to learn “how to find the pin-up inside” herself. It sounds like Wendy is doing the classic stage mom thing: living out her own fantasies through her son. – Read more here

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